Management Board Kim Lien relic study and follow Uncle
5/5/2014 8:57:38 AM
Currently, Kim Lien Relic ( Nam Dan - Nghe An ) has been recognized as National Monuments special . This is really fun, people honor of Nghe An in general and people in particular Kim Lien .

This honor requires the government and people of Nghe An and especially personnel management board member Kim Lien relic in the efforts to keep and promote the inherent value of the monument to match with the new position . Implementation of Directive 03 of the Political Bureau of promoting the study and follow Uncle Ho's moral example , officers and employees of the management of Kim Lien relic already have a job or , practical and bring high efficiency .
As a place to keep the relics and artifacts associated with home , family , childhood of President Ho Chi Minh, the annual catch Kim Lien relic from 1.5 to 1.8 million visitors at home and abroad to visit , tourism , monument , learn land " holy land , masterpiece " - was born where President Ho Chi Minh .
 Mr. Nguyen Ba Hoe - Director Kim Lien relic said : " To convey the tremendous value of cultural relics and memorabilia of President Ho Chi Minh to visitors , enhance product issues quality , the level of knowledge and service style civilized and polite to staff and employees are top priority . Because , in the eyes of the four tourists , every person working here is the people representing Nghe An , Vietnam man . So , study and follow Uncle key for us is to make good all the tasks assigned to the image of Uncle Ho , Relic images more beautiful , more impressive in the tourists after each of the Kim Lien " .

Collective officers and employees of the Board in Ceremony In particular National Monument
Currently, the management board of Kim Lien relic has 72 officers and employees working in three areas : Sen Village , Que internal and Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan burial area - Uncle Ho 's mother ; is divided into five departments . Featuring daily work is directly exposed to the memorabilia , the work has been associated with the life of Uncle so the most important duty of every person to protect , preserve good , deep understanding excellent value for the history and culture of memorabilia and works from there to convey fully the lively visitors . However, in each division , due to the characteristics of the learning task and follow Uncle focus more on specific issues .
Division guides - who direct your visitors to annual inspection qualifications , professional training : train from voice communication style , dealing with tourists is the attention and regular maintenance . Along with recruiting , screening staff is qualified corresponds to rejuvenate the notes . With the goal of building Relic Kim Lien became the center of traditional education history - cultural - tourism , is the convergence of ethnic sentiments country , international friends , the Management Board is oriented training team notes in a foreign language ( English firstly , Chinese, Lao ... ) to promote the value of great ideas in this heritage to international friends .
Mr. Hoe sharing added: " As the leader here , because of the particular job , our conception : study and follow Uncle Ho's moral example must be from small things such as hygiene , Landscaped garden care about the rest as well to protect the relics, the existing works , the self- discipline to learn , eager to work , and strive to complete the task when visitors leave Kim Lien will acquire more previously unknown things about Uncle Ho and moreover that the greatness of a very humble man , more respect and more beloved Uncle Ho in life and hope to one day become again ... make relic is really fascinating tourist destinations of the country people and international friends . "
We managed to Ban Kim Lien relic of the days of the country organize activities towards Celebrate National Day 2-9 - meaning a tremendous history of our nation . Our staff , board officials are urgently in with the chaos . Contact Kim today has more beautiful, spacious and more civilized polite : no loss situation unsettled feelings for visitors . This is the result of a process of communication , advocacy and education to local people about the role and value of the relic for people to uphold the spirit of responsibility and pride in sacred ground - where children born out of great ethnic Nguyen Ai Quoc - Ho Chi Minh City .
Uncle went away but the sacred duty is to preserve , protect and restore the artifacts , the population works in which every official and officer of the Board are generally diurnal and efforts to make the image of Kim Lien and homeland alive in the hearts of every citizen of Vietnam and many friends around the world each occasion they come here .
Currently, Kim Lien Relic has become an attractive destination , address red on Vietnam tourism map . To further exploit the eternal values ​​of ethical thought and Ho Chi Minh, deserves special National Monument , in addition to enhance the sense of responsibility of the Board of Management as well as local authorities , Nghe An is focused on building the processes involved , the organizational planning services for visitors to take a break from shopping at Kim Lien relic with local products such as soy Nam Dan , Nam Sa cast wheels , shy Thanh Chuong , meat Nam Nghia me ... ; organizations for miles folksongs , songs about Uncle Ho for tourists is a better understanding of traditional land rich cultural revolution - where the hero was born ethnic , cultural celebrity world Ho Chi Minh City .
In addition, the province also create links between Kim Lien Relic with other heritage areas such as King Mai Temple , Vestige Phan Boi Chau Pagoda Tue , black and white lake , Relic Bon school history , Cua Lo Beach ... constitute cultural tour - history - attractive resort . In Kim Lien relic that serves as focal point , the center , is the common homeland of compatriots nationwide and emotional convergence of international friends

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